Save Money By Going Solar

Take advantage of our solar energy system financing options in the Colleyville, TX area

Installing solar energy systems might sound like an expensive process, but you can save big bucks in the long term. Synergy Solar provides solar energy system financing options for customers anywhere in Texas and we can help you start saving from day one with your new system. You won't have to stress about skyrocketing energy costs again after installing solar energy systems with us.

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3 things to know about our financing package

3 things to know about our financing package

Still not sure if installing solar panels will hurt your wallet? You'll appreciate that:

  1. We offer zero-dollar down payment plans so you won't have to deal with large upfront costs
  2. Most customers pay off their new solar system in just five to eight years
  3. You'll receive a 26% federal tax credit for installing a solar panel system

Using renewable solar energy to power your home or business is energy- and cost-efficient. Ask us any questions about our solar panel financing options when you speak with one of our team members today.